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It has been a little while since I posted any info on our patches and shirts, so here you go…
I am the exclusive provider of these copy righted designs. Please do not take them for your own use.
The following list is for patches.
We have the "BIKE design" at $45. For a 6x12
We have the "Devil Shield" at $20. 3x3
We have our Super Suzuki S at $15. 2x3, $30. 10x7
We also have the C109 "Devil Shield" at $20. 3x3
We have the "M109R2 Bike Design" at $45. 6x12
We also have the "M90 Bike Design" at $45. 6x12
We carry the M90 and M109R in Decal format for $25. 10x4.5
New to the lineup is the "B-King bike design" $45. 6x12
Generation 1 &2 "Hyabusa Bike design"$45. 6x12
And for the Ninjas guys we have the ZX14 bike design. $45. 6x12
All the designs can be done as T-Shirts, Shop Shirts, Fleece Jackets, Hoodies, and most anything you can think of. We over group buys, special orders, and customization. Free Shipping in the USA, and low rates to everyone else.
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