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I dont remember when or what the original post was called so I'll just start this as a continuation and maybe it will help new on-lookers as well as the guys who were asking me for details on how I did the mod.

1. I took a stainless piece of flat stock and cut and drilled as the picture shows.
2. I used grade 5 bolts and nuts to make the connections. Some hardware was reused from the pegs stock mounting bracket.
3. A small section of the plastic cover was trimmed away so the whole thing fits like a stock part.
4. Make both parts exactly the same way to the same measurements.
5. I have put about 3500 miles on the bike since these were done.
6. Wife approves. Very cheap to make. Looks stock. VERY STRONG.
7. Cost - about 10 bucks.

Here is a picture of it. Hopes this helps you guys who asked how I did it.
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