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I have had a lot of phone calls from guys that want to get on the list for one of the side mount plates. I am only missing one piece and that is the small aluminum block that the bolt clamps to the bracket.

Also the bolt is a socket head bolt and requires a 14 MM allen wrench. I have discovered that its not a common size and had to special order them. So I made a second item consisting of the 14MM allen wrench and a small bottle of Red Loctite to tighten everything down. You order the allen wrench and Loctite as a different part #.

Here are the links:

Side mount plate: http://www.directlineparts.com/product.asp?pid=6250&str=290

Allen wrench and Loctite:Â http://www.directlineparts.com/product.asp?pid=6251&str=290

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