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Other than the Rune...

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I don't know if any other cruiser is as good looking (initially) right out of the box.
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Wow, I never thought the Rune was that nice looking. Too much going on up front.
i'd have to throw in some of victory's bikes as well. you'll end up spending 18k to do it though.
I agree excellent look the head light grows on you... i would like to see it cleaned up tighter fits and smother lines like the victory
300CREW said:
I don't know if any other cruiser is as good looking (initially) right out of the box.
I never liked the Rune much for looks. Reminds me of this fat chick I dated -- too much up front... to much in the back... just too much of everything!!!
fun, until your friends catch you ridin one? :p
phaed said:
fun, until your friends catch you ridin one? :p
Yeah -- like a Honda Helix! :D
phaed said:
fun, until your friends catch you ridin one? :p
Runes too?
I thought that only applied to scooters and fat chicks. ;)

I really wanted a Victory Hammer but they are not sold in Australia.
The 109 looks pretty close to a Hammer....well close enough for me anyway
Since we're knockin' the Rune :D I'll add my 2 cents. It looks like a Roger Rabbit cartoon bike. :eek:. Cool though.
Wow, no love for the Rune? LOL. Victory does make some great looking bikes, too.
I always like the look of the Rune.......Just didn't think it was worth the price the dealers wanted for them.
the rune was ok , i still like the old valkyrie
i sure wish ya'll would take it easy on the fat chicks, i still have one. hell thats why i bought this bike, the little 1300c would'nt pull off with her, and the back seat well you know.
Even though silver looks better...I saw a guy riding a black Rune...I must say it looked good !
The Victory Hammer, the H-D V-Rod, and the Yamaha V-Max are also some great looking cruisers.
The Rune looks like a cartoon to me, way to much going on.
I had a Rune before my 109. I was black (the only color for bikes with chrome). I love the looks (yes, it's like an animae version of a real motorcycle), but it was just too damn uncomfortable. And you couldn't ride 2 up.

I wanted to sell it for a while, but there was nothing out there that looked as good to me until the 109r came out. Once I saw the 109 styling, and saw those forward controls, I was sold.

Well, the 109r is kicks the Rune's butt in every aspect except one; I miss that turbine smooth flat 6. Other than that, the 109 handles WAY better, is faster, looks just as good to me, has a tach and a clock, and is half the price! Yeah, I know the Rune has real chrome, but I'll take the weight savings, thank you.

No regrets.
I guy down the street from me had some kind of cruiser and ever since I got the M109 I used to ride by his house and rev my bike up but I was never able to see him. I did it probably every other day for the last seven weeks. This weekend I heard something load out on the street. :eek: It was a Rune. I black one. It is an awesome bike. Not my style but awesome. It was the same guy that I used to rev my bike up at front of his home. :D
For style, and quality body work, The Ness series Victorys are hard to beat.  Other things go into the final decision to buy  though.  Rideable power, power, power, for instance, at a great price in a uniquely styled package!!!
If I could afford a covey of bikes though, The Victory would for sure be one of them.
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