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(I know this is better suited to the Fla thread and I already posted it there but I think that this general area gets a lot more hits so please bear with me).

Ok you guys lets get organized here and start a list of all the 109's in the Orlando area. If you want to meet up and check out each others bikes and get ideas on mods, sounds etc. there are a few bike nights in the area we can meet at (or start a new place ourselves). The fellas and I have been to Porkys restaurant in Apopka on Thursdays and Froggers in Ocoee on Tuesdays.

We have been wanting to go to Dukes in Winter Park (Thursdays) where I have heard there are more jap bikes and less harleys. Feel free to shoot a pm to me and I will be compiling a list of guys to ride with in and around Orlando. Then we can trek out to Daytona and Tampa to meet the other guys with 109s.

Oh yes and you don't have to have a 9 to come along, any bike will do.... even a harley. I crack myself up sometimes.

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