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this saturday.............

Olympia Toy Run 2010
Saturday, December 4
10:00 am - Gate Opens
11:00 am to 12:30 pm - Performers
1:00 pm - Ride leaves from South Sound Center in Lacey
Admission is a new toy or $10/single or $15/couple

Olympia Toy Run Overview The Olympia Toy Run brings motorcyclists together for a very worthy purpose: the joy of a child receiving a gift at Christmas. All the toys and money are donated to The Salvation Army for distribution to needy kids through its Toy n' Joy Shop. Strapped to bikes four abreast in row after row are lots and lots of brand new children's toys. Gleaming bikes sport different names and badges and colors and their riders range from all-season diehards to weekend enthusiasts. For this day, we are one sister/brotherhood of riders thinking of the smiles our toys will bring to kids' faces.
The roaring thrum of thousands of motorcycle engines fills the crisp December air. But this is not a day just for motorcyclists as tens of thousands of spectators line the parade route, excitedly waving, calling and whistling to the riders. Both directions of the street are closed to all but motorcyclists, yet drivers on side streets honk and wave. Though riders come from all over to participate in this event, it's a day to be proud of Olympia, the fellowship that brings us together and the goal we accomplish. It's thrilling, breathtaking, moving...and downright fun.
We hope you'll join us in helping bring smiles to children's faces at Christmas. In the meantime, we wish you safe and happy motoring!


Here's the added info...............

Olympia Toy Run 2010
Saturday, December 4, 2010

10:00 am - Gate Opens
11:00 am - Performers
1:00 pm - Ride Begins

New Unwrapped Toy -OR-
$10/single or $15/couple

Ride Departs:
South Sound Center
711 Sleater-Kinney Road SE, Lacey, WA
(Exit 108 on the south side of I-5)

Ride Arrives:
Marathon Park
Deschutes Parkway, Olympia

Ride Route:

  • North (left turn from shopping center) on Sleater-Kinney Road SE
  • East (left turn) on Martin Way
  • South (left turn) on Capitol Way (driving on left-hand side!)
  • Right turn into 5th Avenue
  • Slide left turn into Deschutes Parkway (please park where directed)

Route Map:
Click on map below for full-size version.


  • All motorcycle riders are welcome.
  • This ride benefits needy children and promotes camaraderie among motorcycle organizations in the community. Please refrain from promoting other activities, events and organizations.
  • Motorcycle riders must conform to state laws regarding street riding (especially in regard to licensing, motorcycles and helmets).
  • The kids really appreciate your participation. Thanks for your help!
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