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What weight are/will you use?

Oil Weight.......

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I was not even going to ask if it was synthetic oil, I thought most of us use it.
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Why, is there more than one kind ? :D

I use 10w-40 Amsoil, of course. ;)
VZR1800 said:
Why, is there more than one kind ? :D

I use 10w-40 Amsoil, of course. ;)
Yes, I use Amsoil as well. The make a 10w-40 and a 20w-50. I am going to get there 80w-90 gear lube as well.
Different weights for different uses. Air Cooled VS Fluid cooled. Riding temps etc.

The Sponsor of this board sells Amsoil Motorcycle Specivic MCF 10W40 and MCV 20W=50 at rock bottom pricing.

Well after doing the racing thing (you know $20/qt special oil that lasts about 1 race)...... I'll stick to regular $2.5/qt Suzuki oil. 10w40 and 20w50 depending on the season. Real hard to beat.
I use Amsoil 10w-40 & 80w-90 gear lube as well. :bigthumbsup: :doorag:
I used the 15-50 wt Suk racing syn, I wanted it noted for warranty purposes that I used the manufactures brand since I did the service myself.

If you are going to run AMSOIL, the recommended viscosity is 10W-40

For the rear gear, go with Product Code SVG-QT  ... that would be 1 qt of the Severe Gear 75W-90.. That is the toughest gear lube made.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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