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Took my m to the dealer yesterday. They drained the oil and refilled her with the proper amount, as per service manager. My son took it for a ride this evening and guess what. IT STILL LEAKS!! I will take it back and they better check it out or the ^&*$ will hit the fan. This will be two times in as many days. If it continues I will request a new bike as to our states lemon laws. :mad:

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An oil leak more than likely won't cause you a lemon law issue...as it could be a gasket issue or a casing could be cracked or something and can easily
be changed or replaced.

I work for BMW....and this year so far BMW has bought back 4 cars at my dealership....and trust me as I say ,...BMW's do break . One of my client advisors
owned a 2004 645i and it has been in the shop 26 times for electronic and software issues...he was 1 of the 4 BMW bought back from our dealeship....he now has an new one.

The dealer will make it right , be patient .
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