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I have an M50. I have been to every dealer in 40 mile radius sitting on the M109. I have read every road test on the internet. I have read all of the reviews on powersportsnetwork. So, when I went on a ride and stopped at a new dealer yesterday, I was prepared. Sitting on the M109, a guy comes up and starts chatting. i give him the works. Great handling , power unsurpassed, great price. Next thing I know i have a crowd around me. I started hamming it up. Comparing it to the warrior, VTx 1800, and VROD. All of sudden, someone says let's see yours. I say you looking at it. Just haven't bought it yet. :redfaced: LOL.

Oh yea! I started one up, once! It seem as if it was thumping me in the butt! Was that normal?

One day! I gonna have me one! 8)

Git R done!
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