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Pick up my M109R on Tuesday. I got the Silver one. She is beautiful. I put 260 miles on her already.
I am a ex 03 GSX-R 750 owner. This bike is great. I live in the Houston area, anybody else?
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grats on the bike, and welcome to the fold. i'm also a former gixxer 750 owner. just got too old for my knees being up in my chest :p
Just caved yesterday. Payed for my new black m109 but will not pick it up until next Saturday, weather permitting. This is a big jump for me being a mid-thirties sport bike rider. All of my riding buddies are buying Harleys. I just can't make myself pay that kind of money for the performance and styling (or lack of) that a Harley has (or doesn't have). Can't wait to actually ride my 109!
Congrats on the new bike. Enjoy yourself and keep it between the ditches!
congratulations and wellcome to the forum.
Congrats on the purchase! I couldn't imagine waiting over a week to get on this bike! You are a bigger man than I! haha
All these new m109 owners are making me jealous. grrr
I wouldn't recommend riding one then....unless you really want to go crazy.
Smart choice on the 109. Way better looking then the Harley and Faster :clap2:
Congrats on the new bike! It's a blast to ride!! I bought the blue! Do you think the silver detracts from the chrome?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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