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Anyone up for the first ride of the new year? I don't have anywhere specific in mind, just seeing if anyone wants to get out and ride. It's going to be beautiful out and a Saturday to boot. Anyone? Anyone??


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you betcha,,,,,

Looks like it will be 40* here for it,,,,,,,

Frosty Buns Ride 2011

Y'all are invited!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meet up at The Super Mall in Auburn, Nordstrom Parking Lot West End (There will be us hardy riders from possibly 6 different groups)(Last year we had 28 bikes and over 40 people.

Arrive 11:00am and park side by side for picture taking of the entire group.
We will depart the Supermall at 11:30am for Applebees Restaurant in Covington.

Applebees 17040 SE 272nd St, Covington, WA 253-856-1900
The manager of Applebees is welcoming us with open arms so bring your appetite and warm clothing, you will need both!
We will hang out at Applebees until all have eaten and visited then depart in smaller groups back home.

Group riding is encouraged on the return home for visibility and safety on the day after New Years Eve……need I say more! ;->

Spread the word!!!!!
This is an Annual Frosty Buns Ride and is how I start out my New Year……RIDING!

All are welcome as long as there's no drinking or drugs used or shared.

Have a Merry Christmas…..see you all New Years Day, rain, shine or otherwise!
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