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Changed my username from RayRayRay to Spillman.

This explains my avatar and username.


We had planned a trip to Tucson Arizona to ride Mt. Lemmon with friends and family of one of our group. Took off about 6am Friday and rode all day, blistering sun, hot all the way. Rode for about 12 hours including breaks to get there about 4pm local time. Welcoming us were about 10 bikes and riders. Most of us pulled up, turned the bikes to face out and parked. I rode up onto the circle drive to come down off the down sloping driveway to park but didn't make it. I guess I was purty tired cause as I made the turn faceing down hill I stopped the bike to finish my approach and unceremoniously laid my bike down right in the middle of our hosts driveway for all to see. Several guys immediately ran over to help me pick up the bike and I got my nickname " Spillman Gonzales ". I got ribbed all weekend, made lots of friends and had a great time.

Now, we are back home and everyone has heard about what happened in Tucson. We have a graphics artist in our riding group that didn't go but knows all the details. He put together a cartoon he promises will include others in the gang in upcoming episodes. Well anyway thats how I got my nickname and here is the cartoon:
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