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Finally got my new signal lights on today and got rid of the license plate mount. I put clear lights on the rear and small amber led's in the front. The clears on the rear aren't exactly legal, but I talked to a few guys in a sportbike club (they ALL have them) and they told me the :cop: won't hassle you around here unless you're acting a fool. The clears are really bright w/o being obnoxious. They're teardrop-shaped so they can be seen from the rear and the side. The lights flash faster than the OEMs, but everything about this bike is fast, right? :D

If this worked, this is a video from the rear... not very good (I shot it with the digital camera), but you can see how bright they are:

I mounted the clears to the rear reflector brackets:

I had an issue with the new fronts - the body was just a tad smaller than the existing hole, so I cut the metal mounts off the OEM lights and mounted the new lights to them. The new ones mount up just like the old ones did, with the screw under the chrome housing. I'm going to pull them back off tomorrow and dab some black paint on the ends of the mounts. It's barely noticable as it is, but it'll clean up the space around the stem of the new lights.

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