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Hi everybody,

I'm Pedro from Portugal, have almost 39 years old, and in the last 4 years I learn alot with this amazing fórum. After ten years om Hayabusas, Ninjas 12, ZX10 and some gixxers...currently with a ZX14...I am very close to get one of the most imponent bike in the world...the C 109.

I´m in love for the 109 since the launch, but the M109R is less confy than the C...so...I'm almost trading my ZX14 f06 for a C109 09 with only 1000 miles...is like new.

Hope to finish the deal until end of this month...

It's time to join the Club...

I have 3 questions, hope you can help me...

A 280 tire will fit on the C ?

The TRE will take over the limit of torque on the first 3 gears ?

The linked brake system is effective ?

Thanks a million.

PS - I want the Cobra exhaust...:doorag:

PS2- Sorry the delay on my presentation...it should happen 4 years ago...:pray::edit:
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