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New to the M109. Got this bike back in October, have only had the opportunity to ride her once, but omg!! I love this bike. Went from a M50 to this and wow!
Plan to do some minor mods, bags, new grips, and floorboards. And suggestion on grips and boards that are not crazy priced???
This is a 2008. Not sure if it’s a M109R or a M109R2! Anybody know how I can tell?


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Welcome to the forum! 2008 is the only year Suzuki made the R2 model, so they aren't seen that often. Glad you like the bike, and it's certainly a jump from an M50.

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Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your new M109!
There is a lot of info here, so try searching the forums for what you're looking for before you start a new thread.
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