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After much debate, shopping for prices and running around from dealer to dealer, I finally made up my mind and went with this :drool:

I bought a HJC carbon fiber in the fall but for some reason, it was too tight so I sold it this past week. I have owned 2 other HJC helmets and assumed it would fit like the rest but sadly it did not. With such an oversized head, its kind of hard to find a dealer that carries 2X in the styles I was looking for. I was torn between the Shoei and the Bell and after reading the reviews on the Bell and trying it on, I was sold. Since it is an 08-09 model, I got it at the clearance price since the 10's are coming in. There seems to be very minor differences between the 2 models. In 5-10 days I will be able to ride in comfort again. I can't wait!
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