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Mystery suspention question

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Hello, i picked up a Blk 08 9. 1600 miles. When i ride over smooth roads, its like glass. If i hit any bumps, cracks or seams, i feel this very sharp tapping feel that makes no noise.It feels like a shock bolt loose with worn play or something heavy just tapping with alot of weight.The feel is wrong. I put the bike on the lift and freaked my wife out a little when she came out of the house to see it stripped of all the body covers. She said, You sold your HD and now we are back to this? I have never seen you yank apart any of the other Suzuki's. (700 King Quad 2 bandit 1200s and a Busa) I said "I know, its friggen drivin me nuts". I cant find it. Its like we drilled a 1/2 inch hole in a steel half of a brick wrapped in a cloth, and hid it on a 1/4 pin in the chassis some place. I inspected and went right after the links in the shock.I thought somebody pulled off lowering bones and replaced then back to stock, and left the bolts loose.One of them anyway. Nothing. Clean, tight, frame engine mounts, yanked on the calipers and all.No give in any of them.Tied up my kickstand, and taped my headlight housing down.Before i came in tonight, i was running down our road,and getting the bike in neutral. Coasting 35-40 MPH at idle. Still does it. When i turn the bars from right to left, swailing down the road, i hear a sound like pads on a rotor. Upright= Nothing till you hit a bump. Long right or left= Pad on rotor sound. This bike is Black and Clean. All perfect and Bone Stock. No scars on Bolts or Allens. Any help would be great. I have scanned these threads till my eyes burned. I am at a loss. :dontknow:
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Most of them do it at one time or another. The closest anyone has come to figuring out what it is, is the kickstand hitting. It's big and heavy and I think under a hard bump it gets jarred down and then pops back up and hits the stop. You can feel it happening as much as you can hear it.

Come to think of it, I don't recall hearing it on mine since I replaced the kick stand with a billet one. Hmmmm.....

Maybe check your steering head bearings since you've already tied the kick stand up?

:welcome: to the forum and :congrats: on getting the bike too. :D
I took the 109 over to a empty parking lot.The curb there is like,6 inches high. I stood beside the bike and was just slightly letting out the clutch to bump it into the cement. No give in the Bearings.I went over to the wall at the school and did the same thing. Nothing. Rock solid.Thanks for chiming in so quick. Its 12:35am here in Joliet Illinois. Bed is calling. Its killing me.... lol^-^
I had a similar noise, mine was the rear brake rotor, they are floating and a heavy bump makes it produce a noise........
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