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On a nice lil ride around the outskirts of town today w/ the wife. Se loves the bike as well, but wants me to shut up about it :D

I picked up my plate at the dealer and start home.. Come up to a lane merge after a light. Looked like a softail in the left lane at the light, so I ease over to the right, knowing that I'm coming out ahead on the merge past the light 30yds. I roll to a stop, guy and his wife/girlfriend take a look at me and my wife. It was a real long light....

Mr HD, starts reving up his motor, looking at my bike, then his own. I haven't removed the tank tags, but maybe he doesn't know the 109 yet. He keeps revving, rolls his bike out of the oil stripe, for some reason checks his right footing on the ground. I haven't even cracked it off Idle and just sit there. When he looks away, I grab my wifes hands one at a time and pull them tight so she knows it's on ;)

Light turns green, HD get's a lil chirp, and I give him the other side of the intersection. Then I move, and Just left him standing. I blew by like nothing and and he got small in the mirror. I throttled back after about 1/8 mile and slowed. He never closed, and followed the same route I was on for 5 miles through the back hills. Never tried getting close, and we came up on another Light. I had the left lane, he wisely chose to make a right turn .

The amazing part of the story, is that I'm still in break in, and didn't go over 3500 rpm. Just crisp shifting and got it up to 80 in a heartbeat.

WOW, I can't wait until I drop the oil after 5-6 and can really have some fun :evil:

Good kill. I think we outta buy some little vinyl HD emblems and put them on as kills on the big piece of trim around the steering yoke. I've got two already.
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