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MSF Course

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I just took the advanced MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course today. I'm sure many of the people here have already had it, but I can't recommend this course enough to anyone that hasn't yet. Even experienced riders will probably learn a trick or two. It will make you a better rider, and will make you enjoy riding even more.

p.s. my class was mostly full of crotch rockets, but the 109 was the star of the show. they couldn't stop commenting on how cool it sounded/looked.
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Not entirely true - not all insurance companies give you a break for the MSF course. Mine (American Family Ins.), for instance, does not.

Most will give you a break for the MSF Basic Rider Course OR the Experienced Rider Course only, but not both. Can't double-dip. :beer3:
Well OF course anyone can find an exception to every statement. Progressive also will not give discount
for the MSF course thier loss of my business. In general A lot of companies will Give the discount
Donna (My Wife) and I have taken the advanced course twice. I want to take it again on the 109. I actually think it will be easier on the 109 than it was on my Intruder 1400.

The only thing stopping me is that it was exactly 1 week after I took it the last time a Ryder rental truck pulled out in front of me and I had to lay the bike down (low side) destroying the bike and breaking my left leg in 3 places. Had it not been for the course I could have easily been hurt worse because I kept my head about me and did everything as I should have but could not avoid the wreck. I just don't want to be tested like that again.

BTW I had and still have Progressive Insurance and cannot praise them enough for the way they handled my claim. They were great :D :D :D :D.
I agree with you I to think Progressive Insurance ROCKS. I have all my toys insured through them.
I'm with Allstate..in thier preferred program and my agent told me that if I take the course and join a bike club...I would get discounts for both, I fully intend on doing it.
Join a bike club? You're already a member of M109Riders.com. Or did they mean some sort of 1%'er?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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