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Motorcycle lift wanted

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Friends of mine and I are considering going in together to purchase a motorcycle lift to do maintenance and customization on. It gets tiring laying on the floor. Does anyone have any suggestions? I found one at harbor freight. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=91764 . Has anyone ever used this one? Price is an object, after all we're all buying new M109Rs. Thanks.
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considering getting one myself. lemme know how you like it.
phaed said:
considering getting one myself. lemme know how you like it.
Same here. The only one i've ever owned was a Craftsman 99.00 one. And that one's long gone.
Most all those in that price range are about the same. I have a Larin lift that was about 65 bucks and it will lift my Boss Hoss. I think it would be fine for the 109.
A buddy of mine has the one from Harbor freight in his garage and he loves it. He parks his bike on it when he's done riding as it makes detailing so much easier.

There will be a couple of other things you'll probably want with it or shortly after you buy it. One is a good scissor jack to put under the frame when bike is on hoist so you can work with front or back wheel off ground. The other item is one of the front wheel chocks that hold your bike upright when you drive it on without your having to maneuver around.
You'll never regret getting a hoist.
Great idea! Maybe you can get a nieghbor to go in on the lift with you? Is the tag light assembly still on?
The neighbor, you and I couldn't lift it. Shipping weight is 400 pounds. It might be easier to have it shipped straight to the house. Tag light is still on. No time to work on it last night.

Thanks everyone for the input. It seems like it is an adquate unit. I will have to investigate further.
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