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When I spoke to the Memphis Shades rep about the backordered brackets he mentioned that they have 2 other windshields that will fit the 109M. Go to their website and look for the DEMON or HELLCAT. They will both work but they need the special mount.


I will have them on the website sometime tomorrow.

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I received the following response emails from Memphis Shades when I inquired about windshields:

(1st email) The Shooter windshield will work on your new bike, the only one we have that will. It is available in Solar and our seven gradient shades. It is listed under our handle bar mounted shields and you will need to purchase through a dealer, suggested retail is $140.95. I haven’t seen one on but have been told it looks very cherry.

(2nd) Just found out the Hell Cat and Classic Deuce will also work, you will need to order the MEM9950 -1 ¼” handlebar clamps.

Thank you,
Cheryl Hilbert
Memphis Shades
Customer Service
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