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reprint of my journal at alanwhite123.com

Yeah, thats us..outside the soon to be legendary Chicken Shack. No one believed Joe that this place existed but there are three things that Joe is good at... math and finding a place that serves kick ass bird.

I was lucky to hang out with Amanda (not pictured) who I have known for years along with her man, Ron and my friend Joe (who worked for me at one time but yet still talks to me). I met up with them at Boswell’s Harley Davidson. They had a nice event going on: Live music, bike contests, beautiful and equally scary women and tons of bikes. One in particular caught my eye and Ron got a picture of it. I’ll update this entry later if I can snatch a copy from him. ...actually it will also adorn the welcome page of this site for a few days...what a nice looking bike.

So anyway, bikers are a funny bunch... We all love to ride but everyone has particulars. As someone that has owned a ton of metric bikes, I can tell you that although some metric owners make too big of a deal of it, it is true that some HD guys will snub you and not wave, pretend your bike doesn’t exist, etc. It doesn’t make me angry, its actually kinda funny. BUT not so fast, you cocky metric riding guys... Lots of you have HD envy and you know it... and I’ve ridden with a bunch of you and you don’t wave to the sportbike guys....or the (EDITED) guys on mopeds for that matter :)  Or the dual sport guys. When I had my vstroms, usually it was just the sportbike guys that would wave. So anyway... oh yeah, almost forgot where I was going with this (thank you saki)...

At Boswell’s, I saw no less than three guys decked out in their HD gear walk to my bike making comments like “Wow, now this is cool!!” only to either turn away after seeing it was a Japanese bike or like the last guy, just exclaim “PFFFT, nevermind, its a Suzuki” and walk off :)Â

While waiting for our food at the Waffle Hut... Wait, at the Chicken Shack, rather, this would be the day I finally saw another 109 on the road! Better yet, as I’m telling Joe and Ron that I just saw another 109 on the road for the first time, the guy turns around and pulls in to the Chicken Shack. OK, I met Scott and James at the drag strip but this was the first time just seeing one flyin down the boulevard on a Boulevard :)

The guy was really cool and I found out we knew some of the same fellow riders thanks to m109riders.com
Aside from meeting ALOT of bad drivers while out on a bike, you do meet some very interesting people.Â


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He`s not the only one riding with the Harley crowd. As I have mentioned before, absolutely ALL of my friends ride Harleys exclusively. I think I`m the only one with common sense among them though. :a18:
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