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I was asked to post this on the board, so I wanted to give everyone as much of a heads up as possible.

May 15th is the first official ride for the Chicagoland ASPCA that provides services to all of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs shelters and rebound affiliates.
As always, are all welcome, donations are not mandatory but are always accepted. The proceeds go to the ASPCA to help out a worthy cause. Last year's rides were very successful and a lot of money was raised to help those poor animals who are less fortunate. Hopefully the weather will be nice that day, as there is no rain date set as of yet. 2nd ride date is being worked on now and will likely be in September.

Info can be obtained from the same place as last year. Hope to see you guys and gals from last year and hopefully some new faces to help out a worthy cause. To those who have attended this in years past, they are in the process of emailing all of us the info so we should be receiving it by end of the week. And like last year, the ride will be capped off with a thank-you party.

PM me if you need further details.
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