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Hey guys,

I just recently got my 109 and have noticed its not as big of a bike that I thought it was. Im 6'3" 285-290lbs "not fat" and I make this bike look small. Hell actually i make any bike look small. I was wondering if there are a few mods I could do that would help make the m109 appear larger insize?? Also, is there anyway to lower the seat? I know there are lowering links and what not but i mean physically lowering the seat so im not sitting so high on the bike.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Never heard anyone call the 9 "small". You can always add some hard bags to widen it out, and maybe some forward controls to stretch things out. I imagine you could have a custom seat made with less foam to lower your position but the frame being there will somewhat limit your options.
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