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As some of you might have noticed I moved the chapter boards around so they are now child boards of the Local M109Riders board . This makes them a little easier to manage and it makes is so the page is not too long.

I figured out how to let the members post a event to the Calendar too so now you can add your own events there and edit them if need be.

TIP- The first box you fill out will show up in the Calendar so it's best to keep that title as short as possable.

Next you want to pick the starting date for that event and if it's more than one day you select the number of days the event spans.

Next you want to pick what message board you want it to show up in. If it's a local event then just pick the board that suits that event. If it's a event like Biketoberfest then put that in the rides and events board and it will show up just like a message would.

The next box is the Subject: , this is where you would put a longer title if you needed to and that's what's going to show up on the message "Subject".

The next box is where you can fill in the details. :doorag:

Hope you guys can put this to good use. I would like to see our M109Riders Rally on there somewhere. :bigthumbsup: :doorag: :super:
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