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Mine are 3, 4, 1. I do have K&N's installed into the air intakes, so that is a factor hence the 1 on the last, or main jet pot. I had the third pot set to 4 before and it was way to rich. Here is some good general info for rich/lean issues, and the site address. Keep in mind, although this page is concerned with carbureted engines, the same basic guidlines apply, with the exception of jet size. The third pot on the FI2000 is the jet theoretically. Enjoy.


Typical Lean Conditions:

- Poor acceleration; the engine feels flat.

- The engine won't respond when the throttle is snapped open, but it picks up speed as the throttle is closed. (A too-large main jet also mimics this symptom.)

- The engine runs hot, knocks, pings and overheats.

- The engine surges or hunts when cruising at part-throttle.

- Popping or spitting through the carb occurs when the throttle is opened. Or popping and spitting occurs through the pipe on deceleration with a closed throttle.

- The engine runs better in warm weather, worse in cool.

- Performance gets worse when the air filter is removed.

Typical Rich Conditions

- Engine acceleration is flat and uneven and loses that "crisp" feel.

- The engine "eight-strokes" as it loads up and skips combustion cycles.

- The engine's idle is rough or lumpy, and the engine won't return to idle without "blipping" the throttle.

- The throttle needs to be open continuously to maintain acceleration.

- Black, sooty plugs, a sooty exhaust pipe and black smoke from the tailpipe that stinks of unburned fuel.

- Poor fuel economy.

- The engine works better when cold. Performance falls off as it warms up or the ambient temperature rises.
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