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Most OEM bearings are usually available from bearing shops at lower prices if you know the numbers to use to convert.  That is extremely important if you are stuck somewhere and can't find one at a Suzuki dealer.

So here are the numbers:

Left rear bearing Suzuki 08143-62057 (requires 2 on left side) described as a 25x52x15 but the imprinted bearing number is 6205ZE and that number can get you that bearing anyplace in the world.  Seal on one side and open on the other side of the bearing.

Right rear bearing Suzuki 09262-25061(only 1 required).  The imprinted bearing number is 6205RS.  Seal on one side of the bearing and open on the other side.

Front bearings are Suzuki 09262-25072 (2 required for complete front wheel).  The imprinted bearing number is 6205RKB or 6205RK8.  Can't see the last digit very well.  Seals on both sides of the bearing.
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