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I am new to the site and was wondering if anyone has pics of M stock polished rims vs. chrome rims. Pros & Cons ...?? :dontknow:
Hey crossq... :welcome: 2 this site!
I had my stock rims polished. There are some advantages over chrome.
Chrome looks great but if you get a chip (inevitable if ur a rider) it will degrade. Another thing that can eventually happen with moisture along the tire & rim (bead) will cause rust & chipping & lead to a leaking of air pressure. This will never happen with polished aluminum & any scratches or gouges can be sanded & re-polished out again, + I like to polish... TLC... LOL
The stock wheels R really a nice design & especially look way better with all the casting lines & numbers gone (polished away).
It's not much work to keep them up... just don't let them sit though after riding through some water or the spots will be difficult 2 get out.:bigthumbsup:
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