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Last night some piece of :edit: tried to steal my buddies GSXR from my apartment. Luckily and unfortunately they dropped it, which got my attention. I looked out the window and his bike was nowhere to be seen. Upon further investigation(after I armed myself) I found his bike laid over behind another car. My bike was sitting right next to his and was never touched. This brings me to my question, what M/C alarms do any of you have experience with and would recommend. I have theft insurance but I love my bike more than some piece of trash's life. I would rather them be scared off then me have to kill someone for trying to steal my baby. Thanks

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buy a scorpio, you won't regret it. they have battery backup (so it doesn't matter if all the wires are cut) and a pager. can't beat it.

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on my bike and all of my cars i use the aftermarket generation (AG) i do own a car audio & video shop so i go thru lot's of dif Alarms and for the money it's one of the best :bigthumbsup:

if it's ok with Lam i will sell them anybody on this fourm at my cost $97.00 plus S&H .

here some info on them
BTW these Alarms use FM Technolegy ;)
and you get not one but TWO LCD remotes :bigthumbsup:

• Ultra- long FSK communication range (two way range over 3000 ft.)
• Code hopping technology for anti-scanning and anti-grabbing
• Compatible with factory security system
• Multiple user-programmable features
• Visual and Audio alert on remote
• Car/alarm status LCD display on remote
• Long range remote start with gear position checking
• Multiple signal detection(Tach, High-Voltage and Oil sensor)
• For remote start
• Reservation mode and Turbo mode selectable
• Valet mode
• Anti-carjacking system
• Door/Hood/Trunk sensors
• Silent arm/disarm/alert
• Automatic windows roll-up
• Automatic dome light supervision
• Remote trunk release
• Programmable auxiliary output
• Interface of microwave sensor or optional sensor
• Smart LED indicator
• Six-tone 120db siren
• Remote query function
• Ultra-low standby power consumption of remote control
• Real-time clock and personal alarm clock of remote control
• Keyboard lock and LED backlight

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