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Had to sell my 9 and my V back in 2013 after a devastating stroke that left me with a left leg deficit - and therefore unable to shift either my 9 or manual Caddy. After 9 years, I’m in better health, but still with loss of left foot and ankle control. I sold my 2009 Silver (the fastest color) with only 10K miles and multiple upgrades including exhaust, tires, intakes, double horn harness (bought on this forum), and a power commander fuel unit. So sad…. Haven’t ridden since. However, now I’m looking at a purchasing a new 9 and installing a push button gear selection option. I’m hoping to ride again after so long. This is completely new territory and I’m just starting my research. Any suggestions on which system to use? I’m in Austin, TX. Thanks! Chris
I haven't seen one in 15 years , but someone does make an electric solenoid shifter for bikes. They work like an air shifter would , but need no air supply.
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