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2008 M109R, 2016 FJR1300, 1999 VMax
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I would never turn any body away from the M109r .” I love mine “
After 9 years though and a better left leg ,have you considered
A Yamaha FJR cutchless bike with paddle shifter ,their very fast ,
Good for 150,000 thousand miles virtually trouble free and still run strong .
Their not forward controls though .
Honda makes the DCT series on a lot of their bikes and their bullet
Proof also .i have ridden plenty of these bikes and it was only
Weird for about 2 hours not have a clutch .
I couldn’t imagine putting and it working well a auto shifter on the 9 !!!
IT is Just a thought !
CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you get back on 2 safely and comfortably.

I was also going to suggest an FJR1300 (clutchless) as well. I have an FJR in addition to my M109 and I love it.
I'd avoid Gen2, if possible, as there are electrical issues with some of them. Just my personal opinion, YMMV.
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