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Looking for specific Alabama rider....

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....Met an Alabama rider of a new(ish?) M109R twice now. Once on my way through Fayetteville, TN.
....once at Cycles Unlimited in Decatur, AL.

Looking to invite you to join some friends and I on a trip a little south of here (almost to Montgomery, AL) to deliver a rider's bell to a rider I helped after a wreck last year.

I'll fill you in on the details later if you're interested in going with us...or, for that matter, anybody else that wants to tag along. Tentative dates now are either May 6 (and possibly the 7th) or May 20th (and possibly the 21st).

Anyways, I was on the vs800 suzuki intruder with the custom wolf tank.

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i love to ride anywhere anytime i sent you a message with my e-mail address just let me know
Awesome! We'll have about 8 people so far, from another website I frequent related to intruders.

Anyways, the jist of the story is as follows (lengthy, so pull up a chair):

Last year (July?) I drove the cage back to my previous residence. On the trip back, I seen several bikes on the road. At one point, at a really nasty turn, I see a biker down, with some other bikers standing around. Didn't know if anybody called for help, needed help, etc., so I turned cage around and offered assistance.

There were about 6-10 people originally in the group, about 5 were here with the downed rider. He was the father of one of the other riders. Mixture of bikes, he was on a newer looking C90 (except for the now wrecked look). Longer story short, he's messed up a little, but is handling it really well. This happened smack in the middle of a curvy mountain between two county lines and it takes 40 minutes for ambulance to get there.

The EMS crew evaluates as: compound fracture of lower leg (yup, bone, muscle, blood visible), femur broke up nearer the hip bone; same leg (so...this is 3 broken leg bones in the same leg). Guy is also older, about 65-67....and to complicate things, a diabetic. EMS calls for life flight, and they pick the guy up to go to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN. His group & son are figuring out what to do with bike, farmer (owns house just down road) agrees to hold it until son can return later that evening with a flatbed. Son tries to figure out what to do with dad's boots...which dad removed so foot didn't swell so bad so they had to be cut off.

As he's trying to figure out a place to strap them on his bike, I tell him to give me his name/address and I will take the boots home & mail them to him. He does, I do.

As EMS & police are scouring the area for any misc. parts on the ground, I notice the dad's rider's bell....broken off from the bike, destroyed from the crash. All things considered, he could easily have died in a heartbeat, so I like to think the bell did its job. My intention as soon as I seen it was to buy a bell and ride down to give it to him...but life takes hold (new job last year....doing lots of things getting new house ready, etc.)

I bought the bell, but seemed to never find time for the ride down...and about 4-5 weeks later, the dad & his wife send me a letter thanking me for my kindness. Sure, that's cool, but they'd do the same, I would hope. They also send me a check for $11.00 to cover my shipping. Thus, I'm determined to get there this season, hopefully as a surprise to dad, but I may call his wife first...to ensure he's home/available. I also still have their check, which should be considered null & void by now (after 6 months, they usually are…they wrote out check August 1st 2005), but at least the wife will know to add the $11.00 back into her balance.

I'd love to be able to do more for them, but alas, this will have to do. I will probably call their home in the next week or so to see if any of the above dates work for her to keep him home (for whatever reason). I am sure they all rode at one point....so I'm sure once he healed, unless something drastic happened, he's back on the road. My worst fear is to find out he lost that leg, but I won’t think too much on that.

As such, Zombie Jim has expressed interest in going down with me and I think it would be a nice tribute to the downed rider if some more IA members in the area can join us. The town is Deatsville, AL, and I think that the riding alone will take me ~10 hours round trip. Due to that, I will more than likely head down early on a Saturday morning, deliver the bell/return the check. Chat for a few minutes (or until we wear out our welcome), and then find some local hotel or other place to crash for an evening. I’m sure I will ride more with the rest of the people, I just don’t want to ensure I have to leave that day…unless I’m feeling up to it.

Besides, Jim says there are a few places he could easily take me to and show me around at on Sunday, so this could make for a great two-day adventure for me to meet other members, try to do a good deed in the process, etc.

At any rate, are there any other members that are interested in doing this? I’m fairly sure JohnnyB would like to join us. Maybe dj_mac would be willing to venture up to Deatsville on his own to meet us just before we deliver the items, then ride with us for the rest of the day?
Rook, if we're gonna be THAT close to you, perhaps you could ride down & pick up dj_mac...so he doesn't feel so nervous about a solo ride to meet us?

I'm currently thinking of setting up two or three dates for this, tentative on 1) weather, 2) people having free time to do it.
May 6 (and maybe 7th)
May 20 (and maybe 21st)
June 3 (and maybe 4th)

Can't do any more in May, due to my participation in RFTW from May 24-31, and the IA rally is in June. At either rate, I'd love to be able to do it BEFORE the IA rally, so we can invite them to the rally. If it ends up being May 20th, I may head down the 6th by myself (maybe picking up Zombie Jim & JohnnyB) so I can figure out how much of a ride it will actually be with out worrying about if I can make it in one day or not. Mapquest states it's ~203 miles one way...and estimates 4 hours 51 minutes I think. I could cut my time considerably by hitting the superslab, but the ride isn't as much fun there, is it?

...thanks for reading.

As of now, the riders that have expressed an interest have mixed days of availability, May 6-7 and May 20-21. Mapquest tells me the route I'll be taking is 5 hours, direct route down the superslap is closer to 3. I would like to spend some with them, the rest of the riders, etc, and am not sure I really want 10+ hours of riding in one day, so that is why I am thinking I may grab a cheap hotel/park bench, something along those lines and then Sunday morning, head back up here (Meridianville, AL).

If we can get it all in one day, even better (cheaper for me...wife worries less).

Also, to combine two posts into one, is anybody here doing the www.rftw.org this year? I will be this year and am really looking forward to it.
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