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Man this week went by fast. We only had three more places we wanted to see before we left and we did all of those today.

The first was Sturgis! Hey that's what we came here for right? Well not really, this ride has little to do with Sturgis and more to do with spending some time in the wind with old friends and making new friends along the way. I would say that there has been some great relationships built on this trip that will last a lifetime. The riding out here is some of the best in the country and you got to wonder what it was like when the first settlers came through here and saw all the wonders that South Dakota has to offer. If your one of those guys that never ventures out of your own little world you don't know what you are missing.

One of the Goldwing guys took us on a great ride going to Sturgis from Rapid City on the back roads. If you are heading this way now look up Nemo road and make sure you take it out. This road had everything a motorcyclist loves, fast sweeper, tight turns, and beautiful sites to see along the way. If this road doesn't get your heart going you need to check and see if your still alive. I got to tell you that Wing just motored through those turns like it was on rails and he was towing a trailer to boot. What a great ride out. Didn't slow down enough to take pictures, sorry about that.

We got to Sturgis and drove around a bit and then started looking for a place to park. That is a little more chalanging with a trailer. We parked and did the tourist thing and bought some shirts and stuff to take home to prove we were here. This place is all about shirts, You have never seen so many shirts in one place. Even Daytona Bike week can't hold a candle to the shirts you see here.

Seeing we had a good parking spot we sat down and watched the show. You see just about everything here, some things you wish you hadn't seen. I ran into a lot of old friends and talked to Blane from Cobra about parts for the 109. He'd a nice guy and all but when we talked about the FI2000 I could tell he didn't really know the product or about tunning with the FI2000. That's okay because the Power Commander is going on next week.

The rally hasen't started but the town was filling up pretty quick.

This makes two 109's that I have seen on the trip.

He even had Big Joe's Kewlmetal helmet locks.

Just to prove we were there.

Hal and Big Joe. The big bad bikers.

This guy is such a posser.

Cops making the rounds.

Our VTX friend Git-er-Done has had a great victory over Anorexia.

This was one long bike.

This guy must have been a Boy Scout.

After we got back from Sturgis we got something to eat in Rapid City and then headed to Wall Drug. This place is one big souvenir shop and they have hundreds of billboards leading up to this little town. Ran into some old friends there too. It is a small world.

I had a real bad headache at the time and I bought some of that HeadOn stuff that you roll on your head and I got to tell you it worked. Pretty cool stuff.

From there we went to the Badlands and it's like you were on another planet. If you are in the area make sure you stop by and see this.

This was heading into the park.

Then this is what you see.

As we headed back to Rapid City (about 70 miles) we had some really strong wind we were fighting. Once we got closer to our hotel it died down a little bit.

I didn't get a picture of this but I wish I had, the sun was setting and we had a B1 Bomber fly over head while he was hitting the after burners. That was the perfect end to the perfect day.

I'm not sure if I'll have anymore reports after this so I hope you enjoyed the trip. Maybe next year you will be part of it. Take care.

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Thanks for all the pictures and the narratives :bigthumbsup: I almost feel like I can say "I went to Sturgis" just seeing it through you guys eyes! Thanks again Bro!

Lamont and Joe were ahead of me as we came back and I got the afterburner blast right over my head as he tried to get some quick altitude. It was awesome. I actually flicked my lights as if the pilots were going to see it.

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Hmmm... anyone check out the speed Lamont took that picture at? :D

I have to figure out a better pull out and put away the camera while riding...

Nice pictures - looks a great trip!
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