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We knocked out a lot of projects today. 8)

Lamonsters Bike
Make a new bracket for the GPS to replace the one I left at the house. ::)
Joe did a great job whipping out a new bracket on the mill. :doorag:

Remove air shock and change out spacer to get the right ride hight.
I pulled my shock off and had Joe cut down the spacer I had in there and now I have the perfect right hight up and down. Now they can build the kits with the correct bushing. It took four times to get it right but I'm happy now and so will the guys that have this kit. :doorag: I went ahead and changed out the air lines too while I was there.

Install new straight cut tips on Cobra pipes.

Clean bike again. ::)

Baja Rons Bike
Remove crash bar and JB weld smog plug in.
Ron took off and came back soon after with a bad ticking sound. Turns out he forgot a clip that holds down the smog plug. ::) I've had that happen to me before so I knew just how to fix it. A little JB weld and he was good to go. :doorag: Other than that his bike was in good shape.

Big Joes Bike
Bend foot brake and shifter to fit his size 16 boots :eek:
I really have this down now so if any of you guys need a custom bend right on the bike just bring it to me and I'll do it for free. Takes me less than 5 min. to do both sides now. :doorag:

Install JSD3. Takes about 5 min. to do this too. :doorag:

Install XM radio.
After Joe saw my setup he decided he wanted that on his bike too. We got it all hooked up and it looks great. :bigthumbsup: :doorag:

Install PIA headlight. Another 5 min. job. :doorag:

Hal's Bike
Fixed his thottle lock and replace missing bolts and checked other bolts that might be loose.
The bolt thing went well but it took a little time to get the thottle lock just right. He pretty much filled my trailer with all his stuff too. ::)

Looks like we are ready to roll. We will hit the road about 8am and will be checking in later. Wish us luck. :bigthumbsup: :doorag: :super:


I wished I could of been there today, lots of cool stuff going on.

See ya in then AM.

Please give the FNG a break tommorow cause I will have two hours on you guys.


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11pm :eek:
12am :eek:
1am :eek:
2am :eek:
3am :eek:
4am, That's it I got to go, I can't take it anymore. So what if I'm a little early. :hot: :2excited:
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