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Last 6 numbers of your VIN?

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Mine is 100917
I guess that is number 917 produced or maybe just number 917 in black. What's yours?
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mines 101492 (silver) On the left side of the bike it says MFG IN: 1/06 on the sticker. Somthing tells me it starts at 100000, your's being bike #917, regardless of color. Otherwise the numbers would only accommodate 999 bikes in each color. Example- #100= black, #101= silver, #102= blue .
Of course, I know jack shoot about this, so i'm only making an uneducated guess. :-\
Mine is 102479 (Black) out of Canada. Seems a bit early in the season to be at almost 2500 bikes ...
Mine is Black. What else? Last 6 numbers are 100627
Geez,,,,mine must be fresh off the assembly line..... 103116 ;D
I've had my bike for 5 weeks now and the last six are 100342 Currently have 1200 miles..
Mine's 101180. Silver. I bought it on March 13th
Blue, 101961. 1961 is the year I was born, so I'm taking this as a good omen. :)
101948 (blue)

I guess that makes me a "Baby Boomer"
;Dgot mine in blue #101794 ;D
...2484 - Blk...

picked her up 2 weeks ago...
100953 bought in Milford Pennsylvania...Black JOHN
100934 (black) in georgia
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