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Been looking for the photos of last weeks ride but it looks like www.Killboy.com has been having trouble uploading photos. ::)

posted by Darryl Cannon aka "killboy" at 1:38 PM

I'm so frustrated right now I can't even see straight. I just had to start the complete upload for last week over from the start. I apologize profusely for the delay, and I know my inbox is about to get flooded...

Photoreflect (the company that handles all of my photo hosting and business transactions) has released several new versions of their software over the past few weeks, and it's doing things I've never seen. The latest was uploading ONE of the cruiser shots from Saturday, when there should have been a couple thousand, and then saying everything was successfully uploaded! I had to take down the entire event and start over. Please don't lynch mob us.
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