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Here we Go :eek:
1)Start off by putting the bike on a lift and pulling of the front cowl.

2) Pull The Calipers, Front Wheel & Front Fender

3)Through a blanket over the tank and strap up the bars.

4)Now loosen the triple tree pinch bolts on one side at a time and pull the fork out. Slide the O-ring over the fork and install fat fork tube.
replace the fork tube in the trees and push up into the trees until the top of the fork is flush with the top of the upper triple tree.

5)Repeat for the other side.

6)Now pull the upper triple tree off and slide O-rings and tubes on.

7)replace upper triple tree and tighten top nut and pinch bolts.

8)Replace Fender, Tire, Calipers, and Cowl make sure to tighten every thing up.

9)Now Go Ride It Like You Stole It!!!!!!!!!! :bigthumbsup:

Tomorrow Night we will install the time & Temp Fork Caps or Plain Fork Caps

Big Joe.


wow that looks wonderful however I can promise you that there is no way this would only take me an hr. It looks more like a week project. :D I love the fork caps where did you get them?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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