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:D ...also at 970 miles or so, I adjusted the rear brake pedal. This bike is now pretty darn comfie ... daddy likes


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All I've done is moved the bar up, lowered the brake pedal and replaced the pegs with ISO wings. These changes have moved the bike from being somewhat comfortable to a comfortable bike. Once I get some risers down the road, it will be one of the most comfie bikes I've owned. Right now I am happy and don't 'need' the risers but hell I like adding stuff.

This is from my "things I don't like about my m109" post since you mentioned likes and dislikes:

I am happy with my ride but like all bikes, there are always some negatives...here are some of mine based on my first 900ish miles.

1. The headlight.  Looks are fine, I actually like the looks but why in gods name does it MOVE?  I notice mine move a good bit when I run a stint on the interstate.  Also, it feels like cheapie plastic and not the 'regular' thicker plastic I am used to on previous rides, cruiser or not.

2. The speedo... I'm fine with its placement being on the tank but it should be tilted back a bit for ease of viewing.  I don't like that it points straight up to the clouds and not back to the rider's eyes

3. I don't like the painted / not chromed necessities on the handlebar.  I've had some wine so excuse me, but the thingie on the right..anyway, there is a gap in the middle of one of the pieces and it looks like it belongs on a cheap bike, not on anything costing over 8k or so.  hiccup 

4. They Harley-like CLUNK going into first.  ... don't get me wrong, this bike doesn't need a snick snick sissy light click into gears but this is too much.  My g/f can hear it while riding behind me on her bike haha

5. In stock form, the peg placement sucks IMO.. I fixed this by adding ISO wings but anyway, I still think it sucks in stock form, I had to think about keeping my right foot on the peg or it wouldn't stay on.

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Hit 3000 miles today.  Changed to a Corbin seat because I like the look and changed to ISO grips for the same reason.  No other mods planned and absolutely no complaints at all.   :D

Ordered a couple of Suzuki accessories a few months ago, but I've given up on getting them.  :mad:
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