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I installed my JSD 3M last night And Boy-o- Boy, what a DIFFERENCE!!! Maybe it has a little to do with the altitude as I always had to advance my hotrods up here at 6500ft, but it made a huge difference :bigthumbsup: to the drivability and above all, the performance.
It is a different bike now!

I do expect a fall in economy as it is hard to not give it a handfull at every opportunity! The response from 2000rpm to 6000rpm is much stronger and feels so much easier to get the revs going, almost too easy! I found myself having to concentrate more as I was getting used to it, on a ride over the summit and down to Reno today.

It was then bitter sweet when I read about the possible detonation problem, however as we have about 20% less air than at sealevel, I doubt that it will affect me up here.

Hal, did you have a JSD on your bike?? If so, what do your pistons look like? Any tell tale signs of detonation???
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