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Installed my JSD-3M this afternoon. :D Took only about 15 minutes. Used the instructions provided by Felix T Cat which can be found here: http://www.m109riders.com/forum/index.php?topic=1441.msg17303#msg17303 (thanks Felix T). Instructions provided by JSD were okay, but found these a little more helpful.

Started it up and as everyone has indicated, had a slight increase in idle speed (approx. 1100 rpm or so - when clutch it is engaged it does return to factory setting of approx 900). I really do not find this a problem, especially since I normally do not sit on my bike idling in neutral.

The test drive......holy sh%t!!! :cus: :clap2: :yikes: :hot: :a18: The throttle is soooo much more responsive and the bike definitely seems to pull harder. Best $50 I've spent! Thanks to JSD! :bigthumbsup:

The real test is out in the street, so we'll see how it goes on this evenings ride!! :evil: :evil:
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