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OYChoppa said:
It seems to me that a lot of the M109R owners are older sportbike guys. I happen to like the cruisers but have always wanted a faster, more sleek and sporty musclebike. I tend to shy away from the classic boulevard look. I really like this new sled. But, I can't get rid of Ol' Yeller, she's got a lot more of the "coolness" factor than the 109'er. Looks like I'll have two bikes in the garage soon, one for flyin' and one for showin'.:bigthumbsup:
Hey that is a very nice bike and no worries i got 2 also but my other bike is a 1976 KZ900 i am sure a lot of people on here have more than one bike..........Also i have access to a 03 VTX 1800 which is my moms and i like riding it from time to time so nothing wrong with having more than one bike or access to more than one bike.......... :D
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