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It aint that good

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Dealers are nuts.I will not pay 2K over list for nutin.I had trouble not paying,list ,no thanks t o Lamont and this site.I know Honda didn't give him squat for all the Valkyrie he help sell through knowledge,and having the baddest supercharged F6 in town.His forum was super,with Hal,gee in 98 I met the boys.This bike is selling faster than zipper wallets,I will get her Tuesday. Man I Love you guys. Special Thanks to Brian in Alabama for sending me right.
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Around here there is no ADM (additional dealer mark-up). I found two dealers willing to cut the price a little. But like you said, you have to find a dealer that has one. I think being placed on the waiting list does not really count. I mean if I was a dealer and someone walked in and offered me $1000 over MSRP he would jump right to the front of the line. After all they are a business. And how would you know? It's all about supply and demand. I hope you get your baby soon. It is a great bike to ride and keeps on getting better.
hey, congrats. i went down yesterday to get a new helmet and they were taking the black one off the floor. guess thats yours.
terre haute indiana Thompsons motorsports has one of each color and there is no additional mark up i was there an hour ago
Honda suzuki of Florence,Ky...has a silver one....ready to go..MSRP......Thats where I got mine...
Here in the Marietta GA area I had 2 dealers willing to go to 11,399.00 I put $$ in a Blue one at my local dealer. Their last on the lot.
The other dealer http://www.sobcr.com/ has one of each color.... Just in case anyone lives near here.

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