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Iso wing for passenger????

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Hello guys,

Just want to protect the pipe from scratches, Is it a good choice?? I know that floor boards is safe, but i would prefer an alternative?

What do you think??
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Is this a product, if so I would like to see a picture.

I think my try didn't copy the image

See kuryakyn wb site aat footpeg, isowing model
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:bigthumbsup: ISO Wings are great, I had them on passenger's but liked them so much I traded her, and put the 'Switchblade's' on her's, she likes them.'

This next pic is of the Kuryakyn Switchblades

AS for protection, yes, the ISO wings would give better protection of pipes that just a round peg, she did complain that with the 'Wings' the heel of her boot would not fit over rear of peg between front of bags, but that's just with these corbins.
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I have the wings on my bike, and yes it is good for proctection of the pipes.
I also have the wings and like them. I do not ride 2 up very often, so I do not think that I would want such a big peg back there.

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Thanks guys for the info. As RRH comment i will get my saddlebags next monday, i will wait to see the clearance for passenger heel.
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