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I have been wanting to put on the side mount plate, but did not want to do some of the retro installation methods that some other s did. Direct Line parts came up with a 14mm bolt and assembly that really made it easy so I ordered it and the kit made it very easy. Here is the link to the kit if you decide you want to do it also. Installation was a breeze. Thanks Perry for all your help.


If you do not have a 14mm allan wrench as I did not, you will need this too:


The part from Direct Line is aluminum, not chrome, but still looks good. When it is torqued down the plate holder does not move. It is locked in place very tight. Great design. I am very happy with it. Now that fat rear tire is completely uncovered and looks good.

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This is a great site!!! Thank you all for the info!!!!

I bought the exact parts that you did for this conversion. All the way down to the 14mm wrench.... lol.. It mounts perfectly!!!! I have a question though. I want to tap into the break lights at the factory harness under the seat.Like I said I'm using the exact side mount parts as you even the plate holder so if you know the wire layout of the plate holder that would be wonderful!!!!! What color wires are what? I get the feeling that the stripes are ground.... but what wire is the hot for the rear running light... and what is hot for the rear brake? also if you have any wire info for the turn signals that would be great also... that will be my next mod to show off that 240...

Thanks in advance!!

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