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Hello from the Md. chapter. I know this is real short notice, but if there's nothing jumping off in Pennsylvania this weekend, there's going to be a bike show this Sun. and if by chance any of you :doorag:M109R owners/fans want to ride/drive down, this is what "rynosback" posted in ref. By the way, the city is Glen Burnie, zip 21060. East of BWI

"OK, here is what the paper says.Â
It starts on Friday at 8pm for a meet and greet, for out of town people.
On Saturday at 12 there are vendors, disc jockey, games for kids and a horseshoe tournament.
On Sunday, they say is the largest day. There are vendors and a large bike show.

This article was in the Capitol on 9/6/06 on B8.
The event is at Dotson's Lounge on East Furnace Branch Rd.

Lets all try to pick a day and meet up some where and show up in force!!!"

If any of you fellas/ladies have any questions, drop down to the Maryland Chapter and hit RYNOSBACK up.....he seems to be the most informed. :read:
I don't have my bike yet :verymad: and as slow as my lawyer is :edit:moving Suzuki will have 6 new colors by the time I'm ready to buy.Â
I'll be the guy taking a ton of pics of all the :doorag:M109R's and maybe :barf:a few other bikes as well.Â
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