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A lot of you guys don't know me but I'm a project kind of a guy. I have to have at least one project going or else I'm bored to death. :confused: I took my Valkyrie as far as it could go and was very happy with the end result. Next project bike was the VTX and with the help of Hal and the input of the members of the VTXOA we turned out a pretty killer VTX that has had two 5 page spreads in Motorcycle Cruiser and Honda Red Rider. :D

The other project I have going right now is a complete rebuild of my Boss Hoss. It will be a one of a kind Pro Street Bagger. It will be a little bit like my Valkyrie and my VTX. 8) You can read about that build here if you like.

Hal and I have pretty much done all there is to do to a VTX several times over. We have chopped them, stretched them, raked them and put just about every wheel and tire combination on the VTX that you can think of. We've been making parts for the VTX's since the day it hit the streets and we have a few more cool things coming out for the bike.

I said all this to say we are ready for a new challenge and we are both very excited about this bike. We are Honda guys and this is all new to us but we like what we see so far and have great plans for the M109R. I'm sure you will see a lot of parts go on and off of our bikes in the future to accommodate all the different styles and looks that are possible with this bike. We look forward to sharing ideas with you all and be aware that we listen to you guys when it comes to mods and hope to provide you with some really cool stuff in the future. 8)

I think you are gonna be one of the best things to happen for this bike. I am looking forward to see what you come up with for it. I'm sure your intrest in it is going to spur others as well. All of this is going to benefit all of us as owners. 

THANK YOU  :evil:
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