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OK, this might be squirrely, and if so, sure tell me that.

I see a number of posts on here about air horns of various brands.

I also see conversaions about air compressors, air suspension, and shifters.

Has anyone found/seen/dreamt up a way that you could just put a small compressor on the bike so that you could power all of this stuff, without having to stop the bike and recharge the shock or the tank for the shifter?

I know that on larger vehicles they make on-board compressors that can power the air horn, suspension, and even be used to inflate a tire.

Yes I know space is a premium on bikes, but why couldn't you put a small on-board compressor, and maybe a small air tank on to power all that stuff?

Maybe a pipe dream, but let me know what you think, or if you have actually found/made this kind of a rig.
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