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I love second gear!!!

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I picked her up today. I only got to put about 30 miles on but WOW! :yikes:
Everyone (except harley dudes) wants one when they see it!
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Congrats on losing the "Wannabe" title and welcome to The Fold!

Might I add, you picked the best possible color. Chicks dig it!
Congrats! Second gear is bad ass. I think you can go anywhere from 0-100 without shifting.
Congrats ! The blue is a sweet color no doubt , I puchased the silver as I'm a light color lover.

At least you got 30 miles on yours...it's been raining here alot in Va. Still got 1 mile on mine...they delivered my bike to me in a covered trailer .
Congrats,,your gonna love it always... :D I'd really like to see a blue one up close...
Congratulations! It only gets better. :clap2:
I like'em all, they only get better as you go... second is the meanest though
I dunno..I'm in love with first as well.

There's something exciting about laying a strip of rubber for 30 feet!! :D Then shifting into second at redline just hard enough to lift the front wheel off the ground a hair and lay more rubber!

Plasters the smile across my face every time!
Congrats. now that you have the fastest color go have some fun and be safe. :D
ridehard said:
I like'em all, they only get better as you go... second is the meanest though
I agree! I love second though. Start out in it and grip and rip! Just watch out for :cop: :cop: :cop:!!!
short shift into 2nd and wind all the gears to 6000 rpm. and I think you will find all the gears are fun!!!
Do the JSD mod and the FI200R and third will be your new best friend!!!
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