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Just thought this may be useful for those that may not know or know all about these things :


Hope that is helpful......one thing that always seems to come up is the torque vs. horsepower question. Horsepower is torque over time. So when measuring the force or thrust of a vehicles' motion across a given distance like the 1/4 mile , you need numbers in horsepower. Torque is the twisting or turning force involved at a given time, horsepower is that force across or over a time/distance.....

So the term a "torquey engine" or "torque wins races" is really trying to say that there is more horsepower lower or more broadly spread through the lower to mid range of the rev range.

Hopefully that is also helpful.

Maybe this will help, Perry


If the Enterprise-D traveled too fast, the Galaxy would become a very very small place, and have limited plot potential for the writing staff. To fulfill this request, Michael Okuda, the series special affects and art director created a warp speed chart that could easily be used by the writers in the course of their episodic endeavors. Warp-10 had become the unattainable maximum speed limit for the galaxy (unless you have alien technology), and was thus dubbed "TRANS WARP" because it's assumed that at Warp-10, you were at all places in the universe simultaneously.

Unfortunately this new system for calculating warp speeds confused fans of the original STAR TREK series. According to Gene Rodenberry, the "NEW" maximum speed limit for warp travel was set at Warp-10. Yet.....in many of the TOS episodes, the Enterprise was often noted at traveling at speeds well over Warp-14, usually caused by alien intervention.

For many years, ardent fans of TOS had often used various non-canonical methods of calculating just how fast warp speed was. The most popular method was the warp-cubed (X^3) calculation. Using this system of calculation, Warp-2 would be 8 times the speed of light (2 x 2 x 2 = 8), Warp-3 would be 27 times the speed of light, and so on. This concept fit so well into what had been described during the production of TOS, that the production staff at Paramount saw fit to make this calculation canon by printing it in page 555 in the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

Thus, it is assumed by Paramount Studios and Star Trek fans alike that sometime in the era between the last TOS Movie and the first episode of TNG Federation physicists had made vital discoveries in quantum mechanics that necessitated a recalculation to the current warp factors scene in every series from TNG to DS-9, and Voyager.

Warp Speed Comparison Chart
Warp Factor Number Of Times The Speed Of Light (c)
1 1 1
2 8 10
3 27 39
4 64 102
5 125 215
6 216 392
7 343 656
8 512 1,024
9 729 1,516
9.2 779 1,649
9.6 885 1,909
9.9 970 3,053
9.99 997 7,912
10 1,000 <INFINITE>

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ppridgen1 said:
oh I get it , but didn't Albert Ienstien theorize that when you reach the speed of light ,you become light........and also that if you were a genius you could have ten different mistresses in ten different places, simultainiously, and that you could bounce between them without the chance of the points of contact ever meeting or gaining knowledge of the other points.....yet his wife (and former lab partner during HIS theory of relativity, found out and subsequently divorced him and he paid her most of his nobel prize money?
It appears that Einstein was happier than we thought!
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