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Just got home from Daytona. We didn't stop moving for 2 days. We met lots of great folks.

I took a bunch of pics and here are two to look at until I get rested up enough to post the others.

This was up at European Village in Palm Coast for lunch on Friday

This was at lunch on Saturday at Sonnys. And with only one or two exceptions the two groups were different people. I hope everybody had a good time and gets home safe.

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For those of you who have not had the Pleasure of meeting Halgreen in person it's your loose,cause he is quite the Gentleman and one heck of a tour guide :bigthumbsup:
Having Hal show us the Biketoberfest 109 style was a real fun time My father and my self are very Gratefull to have a Vetran Like Hal to lead the way,even my Dad said we would have never found half the stuff Hal showed us,we Really enjoyed the Drag strip and the Great company of the other guy's so Hal our hat's off to ya and THANK YOU for a Great time in Daytona,Next year you can Follow Me  :joke:

p,s  :D When we were going threw the tunnel coming off the speed way and you hammered that BAD BOY Exhaust my vision got blurry NO JOKE that thing Puts out some decimals  :D :D :D
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